The CWAL Rubber Room
"First he came for the tea, and I did nothing, because I did not enjoy herbal tea. Then he came for the wool socks, and I did nothing, because sheep are amusing when they are bald. When he came for my brake lines it was too late to stop, there was no brake fluid left." - Inconsequential Lurker
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What I really appreciated was how the mechanics and lore really align in a way that makes sense. Like, you can kind of stumble your way through rituals and do perfectly fine through trial and error and seeing what sticks, but pay enough attention to the text of books and rites and the game will tell you how to summon end-game creatures or end the world or sacrifice your flesh for knowledge. [NT]
Posted by Inconsequential Lurker, on June 20, 12018 at 20:53:32:



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