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"The Four Crotch Marmots of the Apokalypse... as has been fortold for eons past... They Come, wailing and gnashing their incisors, and by name they rise up against the damned: Squeakers, Bingo, Yap-Yap and Slappy... fear now, for the End of Days smells of burnt rodent fur..." - Grorx
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The 100 is a weird show sometimes...but it's got its hooks in me and it won't let go.
Posted by Tssha, on June 3, 12018 at 07:00:29:

Sometimes, it hits on a story so good it gets me locked into a binge watching session. I just...can't wait to see what happens next.

Even when I probably should. I mean, I've gotta wait three days before they upload the next episode. And then, it's two weeks from that for the one after that.

...I'm not sure if I can make it.

Granted, the show is hard to get into at times, but it's worth it for all the times I Can't. Stop. Watching.