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So some great people on Reddit managed to port the PC versions of Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2 to DX10, which allows for modern resolutions/widescreen, antialiasing and native controller support. The MSG1 version is a download and play affair and the MSG2 one is a patch for a TOTALLY LEGAL COPY of the game. MSG2 also has some other tweaks and improvements. They're both extremely playable.
Posted as Inconsnakequential Lurker by Inconsequential Lurker, on May 30, 12018 at 19:24:12:

It's been so long since these two have been easily accessible that I'm sure everyone's forgotten how seminal the titles were to modern gaming. It surprised me how much polish and detail exists in that are now 20 and 17 year old games, respectively. I know every time I get the impulse to dive into retro gaming I bounce off hard when I realize just how clunky and frustrating even the basic play loops really were, especially given I no longer have infinite time and no other choices. These titles are very much an exception to that concern. In fact, I'm sure the only reason they're not perennial entries in must-play gaming lists alongside Deus Ex and Half Life is the shameful state of the ports and compatibility in their default form, an issue which these patches solve without any real configuration or setup time.

I know we're all grumpy old men without much time on our hands anymore and backlogs so large our knees have begun to fail. Luckily, the original is extremely short. For people who remember the trick to certain sequences (like finding Meryl) and don't spend shameful stretches of time blowing up Mei Ling's codec like a desperate weaboo, completion times can realistically range in the 2.5-3 hour neighborhood. Going solely by my childhood memories as a guide and taking my time absorbing the plot I clocked in at around 6, all told, which included some time tabbed out or AFK with the game running.

I'm mid-way through Metal Gear Solid 2, and it's been a thoroughly rewarding experience. Coming fresh from finishing Metal Gear Solid 5 and loving every second, though feeling very confused by the plot, it's been a very happy surprise to find the rare instance where a return to childhood lived up entirely to the rose coloured glasses. I had originally downloaded and installed it out of curiosity over whether it worked and found clearing one room to check the configuration and jog my memory took me all the way through that first boss fight with Revolver Ocelot. His shiver-inducing introduction to this gun, his ethos, and the absolutely insane world Kojima built was all it took to commit me through the rest of the series. It's really a gift to finally be able to go back and appreciate a lost treasure in the fidelity it deserves.