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"Basically I am saying that Metzen had an idea so stupid that it resonated out through the universe and turned him into a boneless mass of flesh that Blizzard keeps in a kiddie pool, and disgraced executives are placed on his Moistening Crew. All he can do is type out flabby dialogue and burble 'FUCK YEAHHH!' while giving himself high fives with wet, pallid pseudopodia he dedicates to that purpose." - Lothos
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I actually got one of these saying "We didn't update our privacy policy because it was already in compliance" which was a nice change. Also this sort of thing is why I don't mind paying a couple bucks a month for my services instead of the free-but-invasive options. [NT]
Posted by Vektor, on May 25, 12018 at 21:14:07: