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Dear Lothos: Since you've shown an interest in the Ontario Provincial Election, Doug Ford's PC party is now being investigated for widespread electoral fraud, and identity theft, but it's so close to the election nothing might come of it until *after*, and his base seems to not care in the slightest!
Posted by Psycho Sam!, on May 21, 12018 at 09:43:50:

So basically, the 407 is part of the Trans-Canada highway that a lot of people in the Toronto region use to get to and from work. At some point the Conservatives privatized it, and it's the only part of the Trans-Canada that's a toll road.

To make things easier, you can register an account if you're going to be using it every day, and it's a former employee of the 407 who also happened to be a PC candidate who stole ~60,000 identities and handed them off to at least one other candidate.

The guy who stole the data has resigned, but there were reports by the other leadership candidates that something fishy was going on, and Douggie Fresh himself said that he knew of up to 40 ridings where suspicious activity was going on (on tape, at the end of this video:

It's suspected that at least 29 candidates used the information stolen from the 407 and paid foreign students to vote in the PC primaries, helping some candidates basically elect themselves rather than by the will of the people.

The Globe and Mail has information about the guy who resigned, working in the Hamilton riding, with a printer in the back room cranking out fake utility bills for people to use as identification (

The Ontario Elections Watchdog is now reviewing the PC party to see how wide-spread this was (, keeping in mind that it's rumoured that up to 29 candidates used the stolen data, and Doug Ford himself admitted to knowing of up to 40 ridings where something suspicious was happening.

Ford has dismissed calls to look into the whole thing (, and claims he's "cleaned up the party", though so far only one person has resigned as part of this scandal.

And polling numbers for the PCs have barely changed since this got out. The NDP is looking like it's going to overtake the Liberals, and possibly the PCs by not splitting the vote, but Conservative voters seem to literally not care that their party is being investigated for electoral fraud and identity theft.

So, that's how things are going over here, right now.