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For Fron, Munchkin Zero. Yo, freak? Hope you stick your nose in occasionally. Just noticed today that your nemesis Lamar Smith is retiring from Congress, certainly not because you ran against him.
Posted as Scott Barak Abraham by Rabbi Sheckles, on May 9, 12018 at 14:43:24:

Not that you could get the nomination again, because John Henry Liberty buttfucked you after the Libertarian Party threw you under the bus, backed it up a few times, and squished you like a pus filled bug just because.
Look at the bright side. At least I notice you and talk about you, if only in extremely derogatory terms. He didn't even bother to acknowledge you. Wouldn't debate you, wouldn't even talk shit about your insane campaigns of bullshit libertarianism.
How humiliating. Are you going to run again?
Hey, still waiting to hear from the Austin Police Department. Bad enough that you try to intimidate me that way, but truly embarassing to be blown off as a batshit crazy Munchkin, eh, Munchkin?
Somebody let the freak know on your private facebook group that I'm laughing at him again, ok? Not fair to chortle behind his back.