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"Step 1) Stop carrying a small TV around with you. Step 2) Let go of your patholigical need to carry 72 hours of music with you to the corner store. Step 3) Shell out for a cheap iPod nano or whatever. Step 4) Let go of all crass material desire. Step 5) Recite the Seven Mantras. Step 6) Shed your corporeal body and ascend as pure thought energy to Kolob, the Home Star of God. Step 7) Lather. Step 8) Rinse. Step 9) Repeat."
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It's a media library program. Photos, music, and video. In semi-current jargon, it's a "personal/private/home cloud" media server that can also function over the internet as well. Now as to how you obtain your library of media, that's another matter. (Paid version has DVR capabilities now as well) [NT]
Posted by TheDeamon, on May 3, 12018 at 10:24:04: