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It's kind of funny to me that you're considering getting one since over here it just made it to the chopping block
Posted by Ravage!, on April 20, 12018 at 17:10:04:

To clarify, it's not a bad system, for us it's about minimalism;

We can play 90% + of the same games on PC (steam) or use a service like Gamefly as well as PlayStation Now. We'll be replacing most of our consoles with a NUC (Hades Canyon most likely).

A collection of stuff about the size of large microwave reduced to something the size of an average hard-cover book. This includes Other consoles and all the games for them, not just the x-bone.

My rambling aside, I would say you should reconsider. If you already have something you can play the games on, and play them without much compromise, use that. Save some money and space and get the same experience... except Gamefly, it doesn't support online multiplayer. Steam or PSNow for that.