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Well, the story of how it got to be so awful is actually kind of interesting.
Posted by Tssha, on April 6, 12018 at 12:35:24:

There's apparently a report from a Rainmaker employee (speaking anonymously, of course) who outlined how it was this one guy's vanity project (the guy who owns the company now). One of the main characters shares a name with his son, it seems, and not coincidentally.

They made the show in Unreal game engine, hoping it would be able to boast from the rooftops "First Unreal Game Engine TV show ever", and then it looks like complete ass. Not to mention that Rainmaker already had a CG production pipeline and didn't need Unreal engine, didn't bother training anyone to use the engine...

THEN there's the fact that the guy didn't hire any lighters for the project! That's why it looks like ass. Apparently he thought the Unreal engine would take care of lighting all on its own! *scoff*

So yeah. The guy who owns the company didn't listen to anyone but sycophants and toadies, ignored everyone when they told him there'd be a huge backlash to hijacking the Reboot property, and made the Reboot reboot his own personal vanity project for his son.

The pinned comment on the video has the copy-pasted account for anyone to read. If you want to know what went so horribly, horribly wrong (or just like reading train-wrecks), I'd recommend parsing it for yourself.