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I suppose I could turn off the 1-minute update always on heartrate sensor and the GPS, but meh. It last long enough that I can use it as a sleep tracker. What's the Apple Watch getting these days? Are they up to five hours yet?
Posted by Psycho Sam!, on March 22, 12018 at 19:02:59:

Honestly I don't need a postage stamp sized 4K screen and a system more powerful than my laptop in a postage stamp sized watch, I already carry a smartphone, often a tablet, and my laptop's always around.

If it can handle my notifications, music controls (this is the one thing the Bip fails at, unfortunately), act as a health centre, and most importantly: it needs to be a watch all the time, rather than an expensive bracelet that is occasionally a watch. Being able to check the time/steps/heart rate/notifications at a glance without having to activate the watchface is extremely important.