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I often leave the phone in my truck while I go inside to do things, so being able to get notifications(via NumberShare) while away from the truck in some circumstances is good.
Posted by TheDeamon, on March 22, 12018 at 13:48:33:

Not so sure about doing the Dick Tracy wristwatch communicator thing, maybe through a bluetooth headset, but I think I'll be avoiding use of the watch itself in that way.

Bigger issue there is sorting out the headset if I go down that route. While it can remember pairings for up to 8 devices, it can only be connected to two at a time.... And my preferred pairing is Phone + Kindle, with the watch possibly taking up the #3 spot. But that also ignores the potential headache of being in the truck and seeing some weird daisy chain break out where it tries to go Phone -> Watch -> Headset which would be a pointless drain on the watch.

Being able to make my cellphone ring from an app on my wristwatch is potentially high on the usefulness chart though. No more needing to tear things apart looking for my phone when it isn't where I thought it was.