The CWAL Rubber Room
"Step 1) Stop carrying a small TV around with you. Step 2) Let go of your patholigical need to carry 72 hours of music with you to the corner store. Step 3) Shell out for a cheap iPod nano or whatever. Step 4) Let go of all crass material desire. Step 5) Recite the Seven Mantras. Step 6) Shed your corporeal body and ascend as pure thought energy to Kolob, the Home Star of God. Step 7) Lather. Step 8) Rinse. Step 9) Repeat."
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The speculative tears must flow!
Posted by Dorg, on March 16, 12018 at 19:14:45:


Man, I feel like such a scumbag making a living off crypto speculation, when I could be out there developing accessibility apps or space probes or something.

Maybe if I make enough money, I should start a nonprofit accessibility tech company.. I'll bet I could do it in some unregulated third world shithole where I won't have to "compete" with companies making nigh-unusable trash at 100x markups that they force the taxpayers to pay for. Maybe I could find local genius talent and pay them 10x the local "market rate" too..