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Posted as Paradox by Doxy, on March 14, 12018 at 10:37:44:


qual (not comparable)

what (such)



(relative) which

Le doctrina de Jamblicho super le anima es sin dubita inspirate per le Timeo de Platon, in qual texto le autor depinge le anima como le mediation inter lo intelligibile indivisibile – le idea – e lo sensibile divisibile e multiple.[1]

Iamblichus' doctrine about the soul is without a doubt inspired by Plato's Timaeus, in which text the author depicts the soul as the mediation between the indivisible intelligible — the idea — and the divisible and multiple sensory.



(interrogative) what

Qual es le instrumento del anima per rationalisar lo sensibile, multiple e cambiante? [2]

What is the soul's instrument to perceive by reason the sensory, multiple, and variable?

(relative) which

Secundo Jamblicho, le mathematica es le medio per qual le anima da unitate a lo diverse e es capabile de rationalisar le ordine de lo sensibile. [3]

According to Iamblichus, mathematics is the medium by which the soul gives unity to the diverse and is capable of perceiving by reason the order of the sensory.