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"Of all the candidates I have known, his was the most... human."
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And the worst part about that system was speccing out Kimahri (excuse my spelling if it's off, it's been awhile). He's right in the middle of the damn sphere grid *twinge* and there's just no clear direction to take him in.
Posted by Tssha, on March 13, 12018 at 01:34:20:

I mean, it seems obvious to me that he's the "blank slate" character that you can turn into any other character on the grid if you really happen to like a character enough that you want two of them in the party at any one time, or want to miss out on the specialization of any one character path in favour of being really crappy at three or four different archetypes at once.

And speccing magic? Forget about it. Unless you want to lob Fire at monsters when Lulu is using Firaga.

Seriously, like, speccing that guy out was exercise in utter ambiguity. I wound up giving him Steal because I like looting monsters for all they're worth and didn't want to over-use Rikku. Not that I disliked her in any way, shape or form (granted, I'm oblivious to any fan hate for her...assuming it exists, but assuming it exists makes more sense to me than assuming it doesn't exist, contrary to the way reality should work, because the internet is a cesspool of random rage that I'm never surprised at anymore).