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Along these lines though, I'm not sure I'm entirely convinced adding skill trees like this to games is always good? Like, it makes sense in something like Diablo or basically any MMO, where the character is yours and you're defining the style you want to play as. But in a story game like this with characters written in, it sort of feels like it adds a lot of burden and complexity for basically...
Posted by Vektor, on March 12, 12018 at 05:19:21:

... no tangible payoff. Like, building Lulu as a strength fighter isn't really something anyone's going to do without a LOT of time and effort invested, and I'm not sure catering to that edge case is worth the quality of life issues you can introduce for the 99.9% of people who don't do that.

Also tbh, you can do some pretty interesting playstyle customisation with a good equipment system without adding too much complexity or asking too much commitment from your players if they want to go a little off-script.