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I mean, I kind of feel like the idea of a heavily cross-linked skill tree is neat in theory? Lay it out so it's easy to branch into related archetypes (ex. speed fighter -> strength fighter), but expensive to cross major archetypes. The UI is kind of a huge mess, intimidating, and doesn't give you clear goals and direction to decide how you want to proceed, though.
Posted by Vektor, on March 12, 12018 at 05:00:21:

I think maybe XII's license board accomplished a lot of the good things you could do with this, but was a lot less confusing?

X was the first FF a skill tree though (I think?), so this was sort of new ground.

Also kind of neat that Salt & Sanctuary kind of took the sphere grid and simplified it a bit - just a multi-branched skill tree you can build on from any point you've unlocked without any of the "moving around" nonsense.

Anyway, it was also a really early era for fully voice-acted AAA games, especially for its length, so it's gonna get awkward!