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In the last election they put up Tim Hudak, who was basically a monster?
Posted by Psycho Sam!, on March 11, 12018 at 09:40:27:

Tim Hudak's platform for 2014 included:

- Eliminating 100,000 public sector jobs
- Lowering corporate taxes by 30%
- Increasing classroom sizes by 2-3 students (schools are already over-crowded)
- Increase the ratio for full-day kindergarten to one teacher for every 20 students, from the current ratio of two teachers per 26 students.
- Cancel a planned raise for elementary teachers in the public school boards.
- Cut 9,700 non-teaching positions in schools — on top of the 100,000 public sector jobs.
- End a 30 per cent tuition grant for post-secondary students.
- Eliminate proposed raises for early childhood educators and personal support workers for students with special needs.
- Freeze the Ontario child benefit at $1,200.
- Forego proposed funding for in vitro fertilization treatments.
- Eliminate the $1,500 Healthy Homes Renovation Tax Credit.
- Combine Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program.
- End public funding for advocacy groups such as the Toronto Environmental Alliance.

And the big one: Something that Conservatives are constantly complaining about current Premier Kathleen Wynne (who beat Hudak something fierce) is that she sold off the previously provincially owned Hydro One and it was a disaster.

So of course Hudak's platform included selling off Hydro One *AND* selling off the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario), because I guess Conservatives don't like revenue.

The plan was to balance the budget really quickly, with no care for long term consequences, so that when he's run out of office because everything he touches turns to ash he can at least say he ran a surplus. Actually, I think the federal Conservatives did the same thing the year before Trudeau was elected.