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Maybe. Although it'd probably end being at least a brain, some bone marrow, and possibly your heart as well. That aside, I'd want decent odds of being able to regain a body if I so chose in the future.
Posted by TheDeamon, on March 10, 12018 at 14:05:18:

Otherwise, they'd need to hook me up to a lot of electrodes so I could spend my time playing VR video games and MMORPG's all day.

The bone marrow is so I could produce my own blood supply, instead of relying on a synthetic(or donor-derived) source. The heart is to provide a mechanism for continuing to supply the blood to the brain. Otherwise, I'm loosely basing this off the lamb-pseudo-uterine-incubator that is currently in development for premature (human) infants.

Fun thing about having all your vital brain-support organs in a jar is it takes "plug and play" on failing organs to a whole different level. Detect the heart is start to fail? Grow a new one, place the rest of the unit on an artificial source while the old one is "swapped out" and restore things to normal operation and turn the artificial pump back off.