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"We've combined the two into some sort of super-sport! It's like baseball, where you hit things with a stick, but it's like basketball, in that you can ONLY touch the ball with the stick. Also because it's Canada we play it on ice, and the ball is flat so it moves across the ice better. We call it 'Iceketball'." - Psycho Sam!
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Has anyone encountered a bad stick of RAM, rather than simply failing post, cause a bootloop on the order of every 3-5 seconds or so? My motherboard has LED POST indicators which should have activated in the case of error, and the manual makes no mention of powercycling automatically on a failed POST. Power Supply is fine, removing the one bad stick fixes the problem and passes memtest86, etc, etc [NT]
Posted as but I can't shake the feeling that whatever knocked out the ram might have damaged the mobo - IL by Inconsequential Lurker, on February 27, 12018 at 16:55:06: