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Arghh, these Bitcoins are searing my soul!!!
Posted by Dorg, on February 18, 12018 at 22:33:47:

YO CWAL, how's it going??

A few months ago I quit my cushy but oppressively bureaucratic and pointless job at Microsoft to move to Japan and live with my fiance. I looked for a new cushy tech job here, but none of the local companies were willing to offer me more than 50% of what I could make in the US, so I decided to just live off some of my savings while we wait for my new wife's green card application to go through. It's been AWESOME so far!! I thought I'd get bored and go crazy, but man, having nothing but free time is just fantastic even though I don't have much spending money.

Anyway, while I was sitting around being a hikikomori, I of course got involved in cryptocurrency speculation. I've been finding ways to make money off it pretty regularly, but it seems that as soon as I figure out a good technique and start turning a substantial profit, the opportunity dries up on me. So far I've made something like a 25% return on my investment even though the market as a whole has repeatedly tanked massively while I was in it, but I haven't made enough money to live off it or anything.

Anyway, I came here to ask you fine people about this: It seems that if I keep scheming and coding I can keep making about half as much money as I used to make as an esteemed member of polite society in about half as much working-time per day, but if I never get fiendishly rich off it then maybe I'd be better off just getting a real job again and maybe contributing something to society. Right now I'm basically just writing bots that automatically rip off other bots and dumb speculators for a few bucks an hour, which so far as I can tell adds even less value to humanity than my work on failed products at Microsoft and Amazon.

I was thinking that I might be able to make a million bucks and then retire early to make games or accessibility technology or something, but it's looking more like I'm just going to end up being one of the weird burnouts on Reddit's /r/algotrading or /r/wallstreetbets subforums, haha.