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"Basically I am saying that Metzen had an idea so stupid that it resonated out through the universe and turned him into a boneless mass of flesh that Blizzard keeps in a kiddie pool, and disgraced executives are placed on his Moistening Crew. All he can do is type out flabby dialogue and burble 'FUCK YEAHHH!' while giving himself high fives with wet, pallid pseudopodia he dedicates to that purpose." - Lothos
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I know that feeling too dude.
Posted by Captain Hat, on February 10, 12018 at 03:41:45:

Some bits of my life are moving forward apace, because I am actually engaged and fully interested in the outcomes and so on.

Other parts seem to be sort of just coasting or not going anywhere because I am noticeably less interested.

I never forget that CWAL exists. This community has been a surprisingly big part of my life in one way or another. I still get a little mopey every time September rolls around, and I'm still working, on and off, on some CDE related stuff that may or may not ever see the light of day.

I do however forget to come back here for intermediate to long periods sometimes.


In any case, any help with the FTP thing would be very much appreciated. I did try to send you an email but I have no idea if the email address I used is still accurate or not.