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Well, I am sort of back ish. By which I mean I mostly just forgot to come here for... a few months? A year? I'm honestly not sure, but it's been a while.
Posted by Captain Hat, on February 9, 12018 at 19:53:53:

I probably won't post much more than I didn't used to before, but I will at least be staying on top of what the haps are a little bit more, and I have (eventually) managed to recover my RR password, though not my password for the CWAL FTP that I am surprised and delighted to find is still there. It is also surprisingly reassuring to see that Kalledon still Kalledons.

How is life for everyone at the moment?

Mine is a slightly odd mix of brilliant, awful and average all at once.

I am spending a lot of my spare time tinkering with cars, which is brilliant, but it is horrifically expensive, which is awful, and I don't have any money left for... well, practically anything else.

Work is going well. We are selling things that I have designed to people, some of whom I am allowed to talk about and some of whom I am not allowed to talk about. That always makes things sound more exciting than they actually are, especially as the only actual military application of the things we are selling is in what is referred to in "the business" as "the logistics cluster."

If you are interested in knowing about the things that I have designed that we are selling to people we have an (awful) website at which may or may not be available depending whether our host has shat itself recently or not. It seems to do that a lot. However, the website is not my responsibility, so I don't worry about it too much.

The only real problem at work is that having arrived at version 1.0 of most of our things and gone into Winter, there isn't much design or development work to do until we can actually start testing again in Spring, and since my job is mostly design and development I am getting a little bored. I hate being bored, and I also hate feeling slightly useless at work, which is one of the things that happens when I am bored. It's not literally the worst feeling in the world. I am not having my testes devoured by small insects, tiny bite by tiny bite, while a hose full of finely-powdered salt is played over my stripped and lacerated body. It is, however, kind of depressing.

The other thing that happens when I get bored is that I have deeply, deeply stupid ideas about things to do with cars. Some of my stupid ideas are actually brilliant, but very very expensive. I already have two and a half car projects. I do not need any more.

My cars, in case you are at all interested, are a Honda Civic mk3 hatchback that I fully intend to put the engine, drivetrain, suspension and brakes from a DC2 Integra Type R into and a pair of Renault Clio 172 Cup hot hatchbacks which weigh a gnat's bollock hair over a tonne and have 170bhp n/a 2ltr race-tuned engines. One of them will weigh significantly less than a tonne, have a full roll cage and plastic windows by the time I have finished installing parts in it, and that will be my track car; the other will be very subtly better than stock and in as shiny condition as I can get it; this is the car I drive daily, though, so I also have to do basic maintenance stuff on it.

Right now, I've got one and a half Clios, a Civic and about 75% of a very rusty DC2 Integra Type R sitting outside my workshop, and a Clio in my garage at home. Hopefully I will be moving to a new workshop that I can fit all the cars (except my daily driver) into on a more permanent basis soon.


Hello! And stuff. Also who do I talk to about the FTP thing?