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I guess the worst pain I ever dealt with was at the dentist.. the anesthesia wears off on me really quickly, and I don't like to drag things out by getting a mega-dose of anesthesia that'll leave my mouth numb all day and waiting for it to take effect. So I've been through a few minutes of raw drilling here and there over the years, haha.
Posted by Dorg, on February 3, 12018 at 21:43:38:

My dentist is a hardcore old Chinese man, it's pretty great. I'm like "Wait wait! The anesthesia has mostly worn off! This has been the worst pain I've ever experienced in my life"

He's like "Oh, sorry. Do you want me to give you another shot and wait a few minutes for it to kick in?"

"Hmm, that sounds like kind of a hassle.. how much drilling do you have left?"

"Just a couple of minutes, no big deal"

"Weeeeeelll OK, let's just raw dog it"

"OK, sounds good, raise your hand if you change your mind!"

I guess the surprising part is how much pain you can put up with if you know it's for a good cause.. presumably actually being tortured makes it way worse, haha.

That said, considering how much regular tooth drilling hurt with a little anesthesia still lingering, I can't imagine how bad getting drilled directly on actual bones sans-anesthesia would have hurt. Holy crap.

As for the heart surgery guy, I can only hope that the doctor and nurse came in with full sets of sterilized BDSM gear and worked him up to that level over the course of 6 hours or so, haha.