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Well, Stardock will be (at least) peripherally involved (if I'm reading the article right), but it will be a true sequel at least so I will bite the bullet and swallow their involvement since it means a True Sequel. I am provisionally excited!
Posted by Tssha from 99.255.191.*, on October 10, 12017 at 20:11:29:

(and I'll be frank, I'm not enamoured with Stardock's lead designer's abilities to actually design, so I'm glad the Chosen Ones are tackling the sequel instead of him)

(and if the Halcyon Pair have decided that prequels are a good playground for said fuckbaskets, it's probably a good thing they were Reasonable Human Beings (mostly) and agreed to it)

(so all around, I'm glad things are moving in a positive direction. ISN'T THIS GRAND?)


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