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I don't know anything about the Wheel of Time series. Do the female characters have personality traits which ill fit their social context because the author was trying to fit his own idea of women? Or is it that you find those personality traits distasteful?
Posted as Paradox by Doxy from 96.37.204.*, on October 9, 12017 at 13:33:57:

So what is it to accurately portray a female, or a black man, or a lesbian?

I guess I'm leaning nurture on this.

Geordi La Forge on TNG is black, but it's completely meaningless in the setting, because his character is so divorced from Earth history. Sisko is black, and it was more significant, but only because of the episodes with a connection to Earth history.

The only way to accurately portray "the black experience" is to connect it to our own society.

Likewise, maybe the way to portray a person with "female" personality traits is to let our own social norms bleed over into the fiction.

The way females in Game of Thrones act is satisfying to us because of our cultural expectations, I think, when it's actually pretty strange from such a patriarchal world.

Not saying that's bad. If we can't relate to what we are reading, it's hard to care.