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[PICS] Alright Vektor, I tried a Gala apple...
Posted by Mana from 45.50.55.*, on October 2, 12017 at 22:47:25:

Gala vs Honeycrisp

(Board games for scale. Gala left, Honeycrisp right.)

Without exaggeration, Honeycrisp are 3x better. I'm glad I made this comparison

Texture: Honeycrisp is delightfully crisp with an even texture throughout, and hardly a core to speak of. Gala was almost too soft by comparison.

Flavor: Honeycrisp had a delightful sweet flavor overrun with awesome tartness as an aftertaste. Gala, on the other hand, had a same-y, boring sweet flavor, with no real character.

Conclusion: Honeycrisp is the ambrosia of the gods. My first time trying one, without exaggeration, felt like the first time I had eaten a real apple.