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"*Pfft.* And they claimed that constant levels of TV radiation could be dangerous. The rash went away after a few weeks! *pause.* Bloody doctors."
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Well I'm sure they still exist in the CDE world Ravil- there's infinite possibility in there!
Posted by Captain Hat from 86.4.175.*, on October 1, 12017 at 19:45:05:

Further, they could in CDE be the product of some unholy genetic splicing experiment and secretly contain the seeds of the corruption that will in the end consume us all. Though that may already be the case. We don't know. IT MAY BE TOO LATE ALREADY!

Basically my thought process is that the world is big, weird and varied enough that there's room for all the stories CWAL may wish to write as well as any other stuff. Not to mention that RP campaigns-as-run could be considered largely non-canon but basically a lot of fun anyway. Branches of reality as it were. Asides about what might have been.

Would you be more interested in participating in an actual RP campaign, constructing the system and some example NPCs, a bit of both? I have a mostly-working system already, sort of, so I can jump straight in at the deep end if you'd like to do that, or we can take a bit more time over building the system(s) we want to use first, or build a bit more detail into specific bits of the world, or whatever.

I've built tabletop wargames before, but they were much more limited in scope than what I have in mind here (although I was planning to keep the actual stats bit of character creation very simple, most of the development is in methods of application, the way certain types of interaction and certain parts of the world work and so on I think).