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[STORY] [CDE] The Wreck of the Bloody Red Ledger
Posted by The V Man from 192.0.238.*, on October 1, 12017 at 15:11:23:

The Wreck of the Bloody Red Ledger
Set to the tune of 'The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald'

The legend lives on from the Wall Street on down
of the trust fund they called 'Gimme Money'
The fund it is said never gives up a cent
When the Financial Outlooks turn gloomy
With a crew of just four, maybe plus a few more
The Red Ledger could carry much booty
That airship and crew were a force, to be true
When the rival trusts came for their money

The ship rode astride a great gas bladder tide
As it lurked in the fog of Manhattan
Now airships, it's known, are a breed of their own
And the 'Ledger unlike any other
Post-wrappin' up terms with some ex-rival firms
They were laden with all they'd been stealin'
And deep in the night when the air-siren sang
Would it be the last deal they'd be sealin'?

A deep rumbling peal of the cannon-fire's din
And the shot had only just missed them
And the Carver Trust knew, as old Dorg he did too
Twas the Wrath of the Wall Street come reelin'
The warning came late so the plan had to wait
When the warriors of Wall Street came dealin'
When ship-board they came, they couldn't remain
In the gale of a Tommy-gun lead-wind

When few crew remain'd, old Dorg crossed the deck callin'
Gents we won't make it to Kingston
And past 3 AM a main beam split within, he called
Valhalla and glory to Odin!
More cannon-fire din; More shots screamin' in
But the fight wasn't one to be winnin'
And later that night with search lights out of sight
Came the wreck of the bloody Red Ledger

Can one mortal know where the wrath of Thor goes
When the fight rages and bellies sour?
The search crews all knew they'd have past Newark too
But the engines were hit and caught fire
They could've burnt up or they could've went down
They may have all drowned in the Hudson
All that is left are the lies and the theft
And the legend of mid-town maurauders

Banks with cash rolls, the stock market swings
In the halls of old ice-hearted bastards
Old money sinks even the biggest of dreams
The broken lives serve a reminder
The rival trusts grow, as the story goes
They scheme and they'll take all they're after
And the coffers o'erflow, as the investers all know
With the wars of old Wall Street remembered

In a mid-town boardroom, they'd schemed and they'd planned
In a wood panelled financial exile
But their financial crimes fin'lly caught th' wrong eyes
For the crew of the bloody Red Ledger
The legend lives on from the Wall Street on down
of the trust fund they'd called 'Gimme Money'
The trust fund it's said never gives up a cent
When the Financial Outlooks turn gloomy