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"Well, that's what we tell the outsiders. Everyone else here knows that Kazz was chained and bricked into the foundation of the new forum. So if you think about it, he's still with us. Encased in concrete." - The V Man
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...I thought I had chilled out? Bear in mind, most of the time, I'm dealing with internet randos that don't give a crap about gender issues, so I'm glad this was a positive experience.
Posted by Tssha from 99.255.191.*, on September 26, 12017 at 15:47:31:

Also, when I have a negative experience, it sticks with me. Like, a lot. Like, really bad. So don't underestimate how glad I am not to have to fight with a friend.



I don't talk about that incident. I'm just want for that never to happen again.

And no, you wouldn't know that friend. RL friend.