The CWAL Rubber Room
"The Four Crotch Marmots of the Apokalypse... as has been fortold for eons past... They Come, wailing and gnashing their incisors, and by name they rise up against the damned: Squeakers, Bingo, Yap-Yap and Slappy... fear now, for the End of Days smells of burnt rodent fur..." - Grorx
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Oh, and I just completed a mission where I had to board a ship without a pod. No engines, no oxygen...just a shotgun for propulsion. Somehow I managed to get aboard and not die...oh, then there was the question of how to get home. Guess I'm gonna have to capture the entire ship...I mean, how ELSE am I gonna get home...? [NT]
Posted by Tssha from 99.255.191.*, on September 22, 12017 at 18:54:41: