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Things I like that are less bullshit now:
Posted by Psycho Sam! from 45.3.14.*, on September 14, 12017 at 21:14:03:

- You get glimmer for killing enemies. That's it. You don't need to use an item that rarely drops from said enemies to make them give glimmer. That was needlessly complicated.
- The different faction armour sets are actually different sets, instead of just being recolours of the same set (which you'll overwrite with your own shaders later, certainly)
- No going to orbit in between missions if said missions are literally right next to each-other
- Actual cutscenes
- Actual story
- Public event tracking on the map, and you know about them *before* they happen, without a third party app that guesses
- Fur collars for Titans: Not just for concept art anymore
- Levelling up gear was kind of bullhooey and I'm glad that's gone
- Adventures are so much better than Patrols

Just in general, I've gotten a Warlock to 20, and I'm about halfway there with my Titan, and I don't feel like I've seen everything the game has to offer yet. Also: reasons to go places, rather than just NPCs telling you that they don't know why they're sending you somewhere.

I still miss Dinklebot's deadpan, dry humour though. Nolan North-bot just doesn't do it for me.