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[PICS] A snapshot of local politics.
Posted by Lothos from 121.99.118.*, on September 9, 12017 at 21:40:45:

For context, this is during New Zealand's election campaign, which has a few weeks to go.

Pantsless Politician

Some awesome people have been helping the sitting-government's Minister for the Environment, Nick Smith, on his election campaign.

He's made all kinds of statements about how great NZ's water quality is, in defiance of actual science on the matter which says it's full of shit - both human and lifestock.

So this is an election ad reflecting the government's stance on the environment.

And yes, it is a giant statue of Nick Smith shitting in a river, set up right next to where he's hoping to campaign.

As I understand it, they're following him.

- Lothos