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[STORY] CWAL Erotica 2017
Posted as Paradox by Doxy from 96.37.204.*, on September 8, 12017 at 18:48:06:

CWAL Erotica 2017 by Paradox

[A warm lit balcony overlooking the California coastline.]

What do you want?

Ryan Gosling: I want to ask you some questions.

Mana: If it's not about Honeycrisp, I don't want to hear it.

He sensually bites down into the tender flesh of his apple, the juice dribbling down his chin. Behind him - just coming into focus - is Psycho Sam!, dressed as a skimpy French Maid. Sam! dusts an armoire, filled with clown costumes.

He stares with intensity and desperation, but makes no sound.

Ryan Gosling: We're making so much progress.

Vektor: Gip jol hip jee cal.

Vektor strolls in, casually puts his gecko hands on his gecko hips, and stares into the setting sun. Inside the sun, Tssha screams, large demonic horns erupting from his head uncontrollably.


A diaper forms around the sun and the scene pulls back into infinity.

Dorg: No. No no no.

Pushing off the VR headset, Dorg plops down on a dingy couch in CARV HQ.

Dorg: This isn't ready for beta.

Namrok looks up from his copy of "Zyklon Bar Mitzvah".

Namrok: Goddamn it.