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Excuse my absence. It has been an eventful time in the Spawning Pool.
Posted by Ravil from 67.193.114.*, on August 8, 12017 at 14:08:28:

I am father to a little zergling now. They let me fill out the paperwork and everything.

A bunch of you already know this. The fun part of parenthood was actually much delayed because our little zergling started having seizures as soon as we brought her home from the hospital, and she had to go back into paediatric critical care. She had about ten times as many medical procedures done to her in her first week of life than I have had in my entire adult life, including an MRI, CT scan, lumbar puncture, blood cultures, and a 24-hour EEG test (I have brand new thoughts about and perspectives on the Canadian healthcare system which I'll save for some other time).

Initial diagnosis was grave and we were in hell. But a paediatric neurologist and specialist in childhood seizures was brought in to consult. Her diagnosis was that the seizures were being caused by blood pooled on the brain as a result of birth trauma (it was a really rough birth, though at my partner's request I'll skip the details). No long-term effects are likely, though she's going to be on anti-seizure medication for a while, until the blood on the brain is re-absorbed. We re-assess in a few months but the neurologist was confident that the underlying problem will clear swiftly and won't cause the zergling any lasting trouble.

We brought her home last Sunday after a week in the paediatric critical care unit. The little zergling is otherwise in perfect health, albeit really skinny from several days spent on IV fluids in hospital (85th percentile for height, 10th for weight). My partner recovered swiftly, having spurned all pain drugs during labour, which seemed mad at the time but which meant that she bounced back quickly. My own head is still a complete mess and I've been swinging between making incoherent gibbering noises of joy, anxiety, and terror.

I wrote a few things down during the worst part of the hospital stay and scared myself, and haven't wanted to write much since, not even the happy bits.

Anyway. Thought it was overdue to let everyone know. Thanks for being here.