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"It was the Byzantines who first used the slow and subtle movements of Rotten's penis through the heavens to predict the success of their harvest, as well as earthquakes, plagues, floods and civil unrest." - Namrok
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Hook me up!
Posted by Dorg from 131.107.174.*, on July 17, 12017 at 13:12:08:

I taught English to grade-schoolers at an after-school academy in Korea for about 8 months in 2006. I have a bachelor's in electrical engineering, and 12 years of experience in software engineering, most of which is on driver/kernel software and firmware. I'm fluent in Japanese and can scrape by in Chinese well enough to book a hotel, get myself to a factory, find dinner, etc without an assistant.

Basically if your university is making a cell phone or a VR headset or something, I'm your man!!


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