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Link to the Pew report on the Pew survey in question.
Posted by TheDeamon from 70.196.10.*, on July 12, 12017 at 18:40:20:

What I found interesting was the contrasts on the education question between the party identifications.

The republican/conservative respondants were very uniform in their view of Collegiate tier education without respect to their highest level of education attained(35%/32%/37%/37%). However, the higher their income was, the lower their view of it become. So Low income Republicans have a more positive opinion of higher education than high income Republicans? Weird.

Adding to the weirdness, on the Democratic side, no such uniformity exists. The Democrats with the highest opinion of higher education are the most educated (82% positive), while the lowest opinion of higher education among Democrats lies among the least educated (69% & 68% positive for "some college" and "HS or less" educated Democrats).

Unlike the Republicans, those numbers also translated across to income brackets as well.
The highest income bracket polled came back as 79% favorable for Democrats, compared to 31% favorable for Republicans.
The middle income bracket ($30,000 to $75,000/year) came out at 75% favorable for the Dems, and only 34% for the Republicans.
The lowest of the three income brackets gave 66% favorable for Dems, and 46% favorable for Republicans.

Weird stuff.