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I suppose I'll chime in and say you've actually inspired me.
Posted by Tssha from 99.255.191.*, on June 13, 12017 at 17:56:52:

You shared an experience where your first published story on the site was panned and I stated that it sounded like my worst nightmare. Well, lo and behold, I did the same and got the exact same response. Thanks to this, I've now faced one of my worst nightmares and survived it...and I've since moved past it and it no longer has a claim over me. I beat one of my "worst nightmares".

I've since written for a local stage production company and what I've written has generally been well received, with comments like "highly polished", "hilarious" and "no further need for editing" passed my way. I've learned how to write comedy, and it's thanks to this place and thanks to you sharing your experiences with writing here.

So...I'd like to thank you for being someone I could look up to as a source of inspiration.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to write for CWAL, but I'm able to write in other aspects of my life, and I'm glad I developed the skills, confidence, and experienced my failures here in this safe, consequence-free space where I could fail, if not gracefully, then at least with nothing more at stake than a series of silly stories and some harsh words.

And though we've probably locked horns once or twice, I don't think we ever held it against one another. I'm super-glad to hear you've been doing well for yourself, working on your own terms. Quality of life includes quality of work life, and I'm glad you've found a way to have that and not starve. I'm happy for you and glad to hear you're doing alright for yourself in the world. Gives me hope I'll find the same.

Oh, and little guy with a cappuccino machine mounted to his nether regions? That'd be Frugle.