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You have just over 3 years on me. My understanding on the calculator roll out was the price dropped quickly after being introduced.
Posted by TheDeamon from 70.199.145.*, on May 11, 12017 at 23:16:38:

When they first came out in the early 1970's they cost several hundred dollars for just a basic calculator. However, by the time it came around to the 1980's the price had dropped (for the basic calculator) into the price range we still see them at today, and given inflationary pressures since then, that says something.

You're probably looking at finding someone in their 50's at this point in order to find someone who even remembers a time before (digital) "calculators were a thing."

To find someone who had first hand experience with the $100+ (basic) calculator, you're then looking for someone who was enrolled in college at some point in the early 1970's or earlier. So outside of a small number of outliers, you're largely talking about 60+ year olds at this point. The 70+ year olds would be "the slide-rule was king" crowd for practically all of their life as a student.