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"You know, it's easy for us to judge The Confederacy. The worst most of you have experienced so far as invasion goes is that some zealot won't stop telling you about Auir. But Mar Sara is the largest zerg corridor in the sector, and their invasion problems are on the order of magnitude of a full scale war between local magistrates and evil alien cerebrates who like to kill for reputation." - Inconsequential Lurker
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I turn 41 today (yayyyy). I've seen this sort of thing from both sides: old farts who believe that using any technology developed after 1991 is a sign of weakness and a moral failing. I've also seen the mentality that something that works should be updated because newer is better. I dunno, a pox on all your houses I guess. [NT]
Posted by Rotten from 204.48.46.*, on May 11, 12017 at 09:45:46: