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Who said anything about it being a "moral failure" in all this? I just commented that there are (soon to be) ADULTS who've never seen it happen outside of a movie/tv show/special effect. It's just a random trivia point.
Posted by TheDeamon from 174.221.130.*, on May 10, 12017 at 10:39:36:

Kind of like I don't think anybody on this forum remembers a time before digital calculators were commonly available. There probably are only a handful of us who even remember when Graphing Calculators were a "new thing" becoming available at University/College Campuses.

Of course, come to think of it, with the prevalence of smart phones being everywhere anymore, the physical Calculator itself is probably a somewhat endangered species itself, because "there's an app for that." Although academic settings will likely keep some form of it alive for a while to come, if only because of concerns about cheating with a device that can send and receive messages as well as surf the internet.