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"Step 1) Stop carrying a small TV around with you. Step 2) Let go of your patholigical need to carry 72 hours of music with you to the corner store. Step 3) Shell out for a cheap iPod nano or whatever. Step 4) Let go of all crass material desire. Step 5) Recite the Seven Mantras. Step 6) Shed your corporeal body and ascend as pure thought energy to Kolob, the Home Star of God. Step 7) Lather. Step 8) Rinse. Step 9) Repeat."
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Who said anything about it being a "moral failure" in all this? I just commented that there are (soon to be) ADULTS who've never seen it happen outside of a movie/tv show/special effect. It's just a random trivia point.
Posted by TheDeamon from 174.221.130.*, on May 10, 12017 at 10:39:36:

Kind of like I don't think anybody on this forum remembers a time before digital calculators were commonly available. There probably are only a handful of us who even remember when Graphing Calculators were a "new thing" becoming available at University/College Campuses.

Of course, come to think of it, with the prevalence of smart phones being everywhere anymore, the physical Calculator itself is probably a somewhat endangered species itself, because "there's an app for that." Although academic settings will likely keep some form of it alive for a while to come, if only because of concerns about cheating with a device that can send and receive messages as well as surf the internet.